Leverage a Consultant

Breaking down complex strategies into simple executable steps requires a modicum of mastery which we provide. Utilize our model and services to help you evaluate opportunities to grow adjacent revenue streams that support core operations. Enlist our 360 degree approach to fortify your infrastructure and layer protections that are worth their weight in gold when challenges arise. Our productivity is measured by the number of client goals reached. We serve to expedite and materialize your vision!


What generational impact will your organization have? How should your organization affect industry quality, work culture, diversity, equality, social justice and community? Consider the spirit of your entity and the influence it should wield 25 to 100 years in the future. We section your long-term vision into attainable milestones.

Ethical Excellence

Socially responsible business practices are at the center of our value system. Benefiting and giving back to the communities we serve is our promise. Sincere and appropriate attention will be diverted to address any issue of harm. Maintaining a diverse and people oriented atmosphere is essential to our brand. Transparency is built into our processes to generate trust and drive retention. Our services are best suited for leaders dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice.

1-on-1 Coaching

Great talent can perform amazing feats. A good coach orchestrates,  adjusts and introduces action steps that allow the talent to focus on executing milestones of the plan without becoming overextended.

Our coaches can guide you in setting up company structure, establishing business credit, additional revenue streams, operational efficiency, scale, etc. However…

Businesses are run by people and our coaches also focus on your personal well-being. Your happiness, attitude, and work/life balance are critical. Your health (mental, emotional and physical) is essential. Your state of being is the greatest catalyst or limitation your business will ever encounter.

Think hybrid service. Life coach meets business coach. Celurius gives you technical expertise delivered in holistic fashion. We would love to work with great talent like you and help you get to the next level. And the level after that! Contact us for a free consultation.